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Brady is situated in the alluring coastal town of Lennox head, just 15 minutes south of Byron Bay. Focusing on luxury servicing, Brady hair salon is a space to unwind, to inspire, and to re-connect.

Our talented team of experienced stylists and colour technicians specialise in all aspects of quality hair, creating memorable and rejuvenating experiences using the best products our industry has to offer.


In our ever-evolving industry we believe education is key. Brady is dedicated to furthering our staffs’ professional and personal development – continually assessing our skill and abilities, as we know we are only as good as our most recent work.


Locally owned and grown, Brady embraces a culture that supports our community in a beautiful welcoming space. Being experts in our craft we promise high quality hair with long lasting results, making effortless hair easy and accessible by real people, for real people.

Our Team

Jessica Brady

Jessica Brady

Director, stylist, colour technician

Growing up locally, Jess flew the coup to work with some of the industry’s leading hairdressers throughout Sydney and New York. Coming home to her roots, Jess brings a wealth of knowledge and skills, creating a beautiful welcoming space to call her own.


When did you start hairdressing? September 2004, I was a baby!

Do you have a specialty? Creating tailor made colours to match my guests needs, especially when it comes to blondes! I also love creating a beautiful pixie cut!

Which star sign are you? Classic Libran!

What’s your best hair tip?  Break the cycle of ‘haircut every 6 weeks!’ Opt for a treatment to nourish the hair roots to ends instead of just snipping off the ends!

What’s your biggest hair regret? As an apprentice you’re always the Guinea pig…

Who is you most memorable guest? Without a doubt Julia Gillard! 

What is your biggest industry achievement? Two opportunities come to mind – getting a job in my idol salon straight out of my apprenticeship & assistant directing shows at New York fashion week

Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to? Lennox has my heart, but New York has every other part of me!

Sweet or savoury? Cheese please!

Beer or wine? I’m a gin girl….

Blonde or brunette? I wanna be blonde, but true brunette!

Stay up late or go to bed early? Early bird gets the worm, and the sunrise!



Front of house manager

Linds is our front of house manager, she is here to answer all your questions, help you with booking and welcome you into our space!


Which star sign are you? Piscean

What’s your best hair tip? Dry shampoo… ALL THE TIME!

Biggest hair regret:  Definitely a perm!

Favourite place to travel:  Greece and Turkey a close second!

Sweet or savoury:  Yep, I’ll have all of it… thank you!

Beer or wine:  I’m not picky….and don’t forget caffeine.

Blonde or brunette:  Brunette

Stay up late or go to bed early?: 8 pm is late, isn’t it?





When did you start hairdressing? 2019
Would you say you have a specialty? I’m currently doing my apprenticeship so I would have to say a nice relaxing head massage and some latte art
Which star sign are you? Star sign: Scorpio | Rising sign: Aries | Moon sign: Gemini
What’s your best hair tip? Incorporate your true self into a hairstyle you love and get funky with it
Who’s my celeb crush? Jim Morrison
Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to? Road tripping to West Aus
Sweet or Savoury? Both
Beer or Wine? Red wine
Blonde or Brunette? Blonde baby


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Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 4pm

Ph: 02 66 876 104
3/66 Ballina Street Lennox Head


    Haircut and Styling

    Women’s haircut $85

    Men’s haircut $55

    Kid’s haircut $35

    High School Girl’s haircut $65

    High School Boy’s haircut $40

    Stylised blow dry $65

    After service blowdry $50

    Heated Styling (Tongs/GHD) $20

    Upstyling from $120

    Fringe trims  $15 (complimentary to returning Brady guests)


    Regrowth $90

    Refresh ends $40

    Semi $120

    Hairline and part line foils from $120

    Half head foils from $155

    3/4 head foils from $170

    Full head foils from $190

    Balayage Refresh from $150

    Balayage virgin hair from $200

    Scalp Bleach Lightening from $150

    Toner $50

    Toner with colour $35


    Kerastase Luxury Ritual $40

    Kevin Murphy Treat Me $40

    Olaplex/Smartbond treatment in colour $40

    Olaplex/Smartbond stand-alone treatment $50

    Olaplex/Smartbond treatment with take home $80

    Keratin bond smoothing treatment $300

    All consultations are complimentary and obligation free